Make the most out of your unused office space

Does your business have offices, warehouses or shop premises?

Currently empty or unfurnished but not rented or trading?

Tell us what you think it is worth today.

We will look at it and other properties in the surrounding area to obtain a market valuation BUT we will still keep in mind what you are looking for. Let’s be honest, if a potential client shared your valuation expectations, your property would be rented out!

We will arrive at and agree, a Pre-Start-Up valuation for your property.

We are interested in space. If it’s a shop, office or warehouse, between 1200 to 2500 sq ft.

The premises must be ready to rent, i.e. painted, decorated, services attached, flooring in place and locks fitted. Your space does not need to be furnished, you do not need to have systems and processes in place.

This is our job.

Ready to find out more and start making money for your unused office space?

Download Our Brochure To Find Out More

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