Expand your services and make the best use of your space. Have existing consultation rooms, or rooms that could be transformed? Look no further.

Fitwell Hub provides not only virtual consultations to its patients but we also provide physical ones through in-store clinics situated in related health centres such as pharmacies. Our in-store clinics create a consultation room for in-person meetings, conducted by pharmacists or our own nurse practitioners.

Your pharmacy could benefit from utilising your space to best effect, with the clinic creating exclusive prescriptions and increasing traffic through your store doors. Elevate your pharmacy, providing a one-stop shop for medical advice, prescription fulfilment and health & well-being products.


What’s the catch?

There’s no catch, but a little bit of give and take goes a long way. We don’t want to create barriers for the sake of it, so we have created a smooth and efficient process to getting your pharmacy up and running with a new in-store clinic in no time!

We have the telemedicine platform, which will provide access to expert medical advice as well as manage appointments in line with your opening hours. We will supply the hardware which includes both IT and basic medical equipment to carry out physical consultations. We will also supply any furniture required for the consultation room.

You will provide the space, benefiting from greater footfall coming into your pharmacy and greater traffic to your site. You will fulfil any prescriptions resulting from the consultations so you really are in a win win situation.

How do we get paid? Just like our virtual consultations our patients pay for the convenience. So our in-store clinics allow us to not only provide convenience online but also physically, creating an all in one location for all our patients medical, prescription and health & well-being product needs. We also know that not everyone is as tech savvy or indeed has internet access, so accessibility is so important to us.


Fitwell Hub can issue these if required.

Book an appointment. Ask whatever questions you want, listen to advice and if appropriate, your Fitwell Hub will prescribe you the correct note.

At the end of your consultation, our team will send your note to you.

Sick notes can include:

  • Recommendations about how and when you’ll be able to return to work/education
  • Whether you’re able to return to work with amended duties
  • Suggestions on workplace changes that could help with your return to work
  • Detailed advice about managing your medical issue in the workplace/establishment
  • Instructions on how your employer/institution can authenticate the validity of the sick note

Want to know more about Sick Notes?

In some instances, we can backdate sick notes up to 2 weeks.

  • You can be signed off work or education for up to 4 weeks.
  • It will include details of when you’ll be likely to return and any steps your employer/institution can take to help your return.
  • Book an online consultation with one of our doctors who will advise on whether or not we are able to backdate a sick note for you.

Please note: You must provide evidence of sickness in order to receive a backdated sick note.


At some stage in your life, you may need to see a specialist either for the next stage of treatment or further testing.
Fitwell Hub can issue these instantly and send via email if required
Book an appointment. Ask whatever questions you want, listen to advice and if appropriate, your Fitwell Hub will provide a referral.
At the end of your consultation, our team will send via email.

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