How can I use Fitwell Hub?

Just contact your doctor and request your UNIQUE PATIENT CARD. Your doctor will be able to supply it if you are aged over 18, have a valid UK address and mobile number.

What is required for an online appointment?

In order to have a video appointment you will need a mobile, tablet or laptop with a good camera, working microphone and strong internet connection.

You will also need your UNIQUE PATIENT CARD.

I don’t live in Canada.

Sorry, you cannot use our service even if you have a VALID PATIENT CARD. Prescriptions we supply can only be used in Canada.

I’ve missed my appointment, what now?

Oh dear. You can rebook but sadly, if you did not cancel at least 4 hours before your scheduled appointment, there is no refund. If you think you will miss a future appointment, just contact us (as long as it is 4 hours away.)

I am just a little late, do I have to rebook?

No. if you are running a little late (as long as you enter within 60 minutes of your allotted time), you will be placed in a waiting room and as soon as a doctor is available, they will begin the consultation.

What happens if there is disruption due to a faulty network/connection?

These things happen. When they do, we just need to be a little patient. Just reconnect and you will be placed in the waiting room until a doctor is available.

I want to see a Doctor in person.

No problem. Just contact your surgery and book an appointment with your GP in the conventional way.

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