The Ideal Service For Your Apartment Building
Community Health Specialists

Our easy to use and accessible telemedical services solutions are the perfect fit for the residents of your apartments.

Whether it is included in the rent or as an additional service, it can be an important factor when tenants are choosing where to live. Everybody wants to stay well regardless of their age and indeed, their health; single people, families, retired etc, everybody also wants easy access to medical services.
You may offer short term rentals or terms exceeding 1 year, with our service, it will set you apart from your peers.

Benefit from your own walk-in clinic(s)

What’s more, as the preferred supplier for your residents, we are able to arrange regular clinics in your facility, just a small private room / office or equivalent is all that is needed. We can have a confidential discussion regarding this at the right time.

Joining up with experienced health professionals may give your building that extra something that sways a potential suitor.

Will you be next?

We take care of any setup and running of the service, all your residents have to do is enjoy having access to and support of high-quality practitioners supporting their lifestyle and providing quick easy access to medical support, as part of healthy living in a modern society.

Fitwell Hub enjoy an enviable reputation as a leading provider of telemedicine and we have grown almost entirely organically thanks to our clients recommending our services.